Payroll System

Knowledge Bases payroll system allows users to record clients and employee data efficiently.


Deals with complex calculations of employee dues.


User can access run-time data of employee profile and balances

Case Study

Home health care center

Providing health services at patient home, patient call them and they send nurses according to their request. Nurses will stay with the patient from 12 hrs to 24 hrs.


  • In the payroll they have much complex scenarios like; if

  • Client provide convince or not.

  • Client pay in advance or not.

  • Contract period.

  • Time-sheet.

  • If employee works in specific jurisdiction, he will be pay on different pay rate.

  • If he/she work outside specific jurisdiction, he will be pay differently.

  • If employee work in all week days without a day off it affects his pay.

  • In holidays employee paid, depend on holiday’s formula.

Client Form:

Detailed client form

Employee Contract Form:

Knowledge Bases payroll system, will allow user to add employee incentive plus his salary based on grade and steps.


It has the facility to record employee time-sheet of every contract from shift timing to client contract; Knowledge Bases payroll system will calculate employee pay according to his incentive, overtime, holiday and annual leave.

Incentive: system will calculate employee incentive according to his contract and according to client contract, depend on his willingness to do job or not willingness will pay him more according to their agreement.


Knowledge Bases payroll system has a grade and step facility to calculate employee payment according to his grade and steps (pay scale) depend on the increment. Basic pay, overtimes will be calculated automatically according to the new pay scale.

Visa Expiry Pop-up:

Knowledge Bases payroll system will provide popup (on user sign in) of those employees whose visa will be expired soon.

Pay Slips Batch:

Knowledge Bases payroll system, allow users to print all pay slips in the batch at once and also user can confirm all one batch pay slips at once


  • Pay slip Analysis

  • Timesheet analysis

  • Employee report

  • Department wise employee report

  • Annual Leave report

  • Visa Expiry report